Tanner ‘88 (1988) had an interesting method of getting its metaphors across. They would slap their campaign sticker on an object to show how they wanted you to perceive the current course of the campaign. They also used some mise en scene and situational moments to further their metaphors. While the show still felt very dated, it was much more effective in its message as the series progressed.

Tanner ‘88 is quite a compelling concept, and I would love to see it remade right now. Robert Altman and Gary Trudeau created a scripted candidate and threw him into the ‘88 presidential race. They mix mockumentary footage of him on the campaign trail with the actual candidates in with soap opera style behind the scenes of the campaign moments to build a narrative and poke fun at the whole political process. The first episode show its age and falls a little flat, but I have read that the satire grows thicker and works better as the series progresses.